Thursday, May 5, 2016

Yo-Kai Watch Schmoopie Plush

My son is a huge Nintendo fan, and the newer game Yo-Kai Watch is no exception. To be fair, Yo-Kai Watch is only new in the U.S. - it has been out in several incarnations in Japan for years now. It's been so successful, though, that apparently now it's gone to other markets, worldwide.

He got REALLY into the game while he was playing it, and collected as much of the plush as he could. Remember, he is a collector. His plush collection is mighty impressive.

Of the Yo-Kai characters, he has Jibanyan, Goldenyan, Robonyan, and another Jibanyan (pictured), and not pictured are Pandanoko, Mini Robonyan and Whisper. Like Pokemon, there are many many Yo-Kai characters, and one that he really wanted and we never found a plush for was one called Shmoopie.

Enter Mama the Plush Maker. A new project to hone my plush-making skills. His original request was that I make two - one for him, and the other for his BFF. But for practice (and maybe to sell), I went ahead and made a few more. This is what Shmoopie looks like in the game: 

And here is my best approximation:

The hardest thing was his hat. I learned all about different kinds of Samurai hats in order to make these right. 

The side views. 

"Shmoopie" is a portmanteau of the words smooch and pie. Smooch is the sound heard when kissing someone and pie is sometimes used as a way to make something cute.

    Shmoopie is so adorable. Cute little fluffy tail!


    1. I would love to buy a shmoopie plush from you, can you make more? It's on my son's Christmas list and I'm really starting to panic!


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