Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Healing of My Spirit [Medical Medium Healing]

I have been healing for four years with the Medical Medium information. When I started using the information, it was to heal my body. More specifically, to heal the deep deep fatigue and the brain fog in my body. I had no idea whatsoever that in the process, so so much more would heal than that. 
I had no idea that my chronic pain of 20+ years could heal. I had no idea that over 100 symptoms and conditions could heal. Some of them I had no idea were even symptoms - I just thought that my body WAS that way. I had no idea that my depression would heal. That my PTSD could heal. I had no idea that my EDS symptoms could heal - I was told by the medical systems, both alternative and allopathic, that that was genetic and unhealable! 
I have been floored over and over what symptoms heal over time. What goes away. What improves using the Medical Medium information. I have been awed at how my trust has been restored. At how my faith has strengthened. At how I now talk with the Angels daily - the ones that Medical Medium has introduced us to for healing and help along the way. I have been lifted by the fact that there are not only tools for healing our body in this information, but for healing our soul and spirit as well. 
And in this past four years, I have seen restored what I never even knew could be restored - not just in my body but in my soul and spirit. I have gained faith not just in my body and its ability to heal - which would honestly be enough for me to fall to my knees in gratitude, as I have many times. But as I healed, my intuition became clearer and clearer, my faith became stronger and stronger, and I regained a connection with my own spirituality that had been lost for so long I had almost forgotten it existed. Not just a superficial connection, but a deep, deep soul connection. 
It's been so profound for me that I find myself at a loss for the words to explain it. It is deeply personal, which also makes it difficult to share as well. But I want to. And I try to in this video I made about it.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

#victorycheck - Sweaty and Dirty

Yesterday was Day 4 of the Advanced Liver Rescue Cleanse, round 2, from the Medical Medium book, "Cleanse to Heal"

I had a very busy and productive day! I made all the foods for myself and my family. I washed the dishes. I trimmed an entire ficus tree (the one growing in the basement here) - lots of reaching and stretching! I took ALL of my 4, 5 and 7 gallon containers of plants outside for the day and then brought them back in again once it was dark. I repotted almost all of the rest of my seedlings, except the red jalapenos - well, I did repot those into slightly larger nursery pots.
Some of these things pushed back the times of my getting in my foods in a timely manner, yet at the end of the day I still made and drank my tea! So although it wasn't "perfect", I still managed to do pretty well and have enough energy to do ALL of those things! That's a pretty big deal! I got sweaty and dirty and did heavy lifting and running back and forth and so much reaching and stretching, and I am just standing in gratitude for my ability to do any of this at all, because I know that just a couple of years ago, I could not have done this. 

But here I am, strong enough to not only do one strenuous physical task, but several. This is a #victorycheck if ever there was one! Yesterday, while I was trimming the ficus - the first of my physical tasks of the day - my mother-in-law said, "Be careful, you'll be so sore tomorrow." Only I know something she doesn't know. I'm not. My recovery time has gotten so much quicker! I can do things now that would have taken me DOWN to even try part of them years ago, and I'll be okay the next day. And THAT is because of the Medical Medium information and how far I have come, how much I have healed. 

So yesterday being day 4, in addition to the energy to do physical tasks, I was also having some emotional flashbacks. SO random! Memories of past events that were upsetting in some way were just coming up. Random times throughout the day, while I'd be making food or doing  task, suddenly some memory would float into my consciousness. Then it would leave, and shortly after another train of thought would pull into the station - a different time in my past. 

I'm not a fan of the memories, but thanks to Medical Medium, I know why they are happening, and that part is a good thing. My liver is releasing them, letting them detox out, along with whatever toxins were stored alongside of them. And I say good riddance! And the beauty of it all was that understanding that meant I didn't let any of them take hold of me, I didn't stress about it, I just knew they were coming up and out to move on. Having the knowledge of what's really happening during a cleanse is freedom!

Thank you thank you thank you Medical Medium for these amazing cleanses, for the information to heal, for your tenacity, strength, courage and compassion. Your sacrifice is everything. 

Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Truth Saves Lives - And it Brings Freedom [Medical Medium Healing]

"Chronic illness is growing at an alarming rate. Even with the massive amount of organic food being cultivated now, even with the awareness about removing processed foods from our diets, even with the newest healing modalities, sickness is present like never before. No one is escaping illness, not unless they have the right information to stop the ticking clock. "

"This is not a lifestyle book. It's a lifetime book. In a sea of false truths, this is about saving lives." ~Anthony William, Medical Medium

This is truth. This quote is from the new Medical Medium book, "Cleanse to Heal". I have read this book cover to cover, and now with the #cleansetohealbookclub I am going back through each chapter to take it in again, one powerful morsel at a time. This is an incredibly powerful book. It's not like any other book out there. This book is truth. It's living words, and it comes from God. 
I don't say that lightly. I  say it because it's important, and it's truth. I have read just about every health book out there before I came to the Medical Medium information. I spent 20+ years of my life seeking the answers on how food could be our medicine and what was the right way to eat for optimal health. I devoured all of the "science" on both sides of the food wars - from The China Study to Weston A. Price to Atkins to GAPS and on and on and on. 

I overhauled my familys' diet multiple times in my quest for optimal health. We ate organic, we went gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, we tried traditional foods, fermented foods, ACV, probiotics, SCD, GAPS, raw food, raw meat, the blood type diet, protein power, Atkins, Paleo, the candida diet, Autoimmune Paleo, Low FODMAPS AIP, low oxalates, vegetarian, and I'm pretty sure there are even more that I am forgetting. 

But in every single one of those belief systems, across the communities of people seeking to be the healthiest they could be, I noticed that in each one, people were still getting sicker and sicker. People were losing the battle for optimal health. Losing function. Losing health. Why did Autoimmune Paleo need to exist, for example, if Paleo was the all-time optimal way of eating on the planet? And why were SO many members of that community having to give up more and more foods and turn to autoimmune Paleo if it was so ideal?

By the time I found the Medical Medium information, I was down to only being able to eat a handful of foods and I was sicker than I have ever been in my life. I had an entire page of chronic illness diagnoses including autoimmune ones, and I had volumes of symptoms and conditions that had taken my whole life and all of my functionality away. I was allergic to the world, homebound, suffering from physical as well as mental illness, and very close to no longer being on this planet. 

The truth is, none of those belief systems actually had answers to why we were all getting so sick. They were all playing guessing games and using US as the guinea pigs. Worse, using us as a way to line their own pockets - not just in book sales, but in supplement lines, powders, foods and other products that are supposedly for health. Medical Medium calls them carpetbaggers - opportunists, snake oil salesmen that prey on the chronically ill for their own profit. It's not only selfish, it;s dangerous. It's playing with people's lives and causing them betrayal after betrayal, breaking their trust again and again. 

But when I found the Medical Medium information, it made SO much sense. It filled in every blank where all of the science had left off. It filled in blanks for the questions science had never bothered to ask. And little by little, all of that other information fell away. It became noise in the background because the Medical Medium information actually had answers. And not only were there answers, but it actually worked. And not just for Me, but for millions of people around the globe who are finally healing their chronic illnesses when nothing else ever did. REAL healing, not temporary bandaids. 

That's what the truth does. It works. It brings healing. It brings peace. It erases all of the confusion and noise and stands above the rest. It goes by word of mouth. It's not backed by some interest groups seeking to make a profit off of people's suffering. It's backed by results. It's backed by people actually healing. It's REAL. And it MATTERS. 

For me, I don't even pay attention to any of the other noise out there anymore. I don't need to, because I'm no longer confused and searching desperately for answers. I've found the answer. When you truly understand how bodies REALLY work, what's REALLY going on in there, what pathogens and toxins we are affected by and why. Why foods that used to be survival foods and staples have become unsafe, what foods really do cause healing and why and how. When you have that, you have peace. You have healing - not just of the body, but of the mind, spirit and soul as well. Of the broken trust and the betrayals. You gain trust. You gain faith. And most of all, you gain FREEDOM. 

And I have that now, and it's thanks to all of the incredible dedication and hard work of Anthony William, Medical Medium. He, in these books, has given me the answers that have given me my life back. Given me the healing foods back. Given me peace and freedom. And I want you to have that too. You deserve it. You deserve to heal. You CAN heal. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Liver Rescue 369 Advanced Cleanse Wrap-Up [Medical Medium Healing]

I just finished Round 1 of the Advanced Liver Rescue 369 Cleanse from the Medical Medium book, "Cleanse to Heal". Before that I did the Original 369. I am feeling so pleased with the results I am seeing that I'm going into another round immediately to keep this momentum going, so today is officially Day 1 of Round 2 of the advanced 369! 

What results? Lowered inflammation in my body - little bits of soreness that were starting to happen, gone. Lowered inflammation also means lowered edema - the edema my ankle likes to sport off and on - and mostly on for the past year or so - it's drastically lowered. I suspect a few more rounds might disappear it completely. Less water retention - my face and body are looking thinner. My level of energy throughout the day is better - I'm more consistently able to do the tasks I set out to. The brain fog I'd begun experiencing again before the cleanse has lowered significantly.

 And of course, I have been giving my liver the food that supports it the most, in the order that supports it the most - and that in and of itself feels amazing to know! The healing that is taking place that I don't even see? That's the really good stuff.  Medical Medium says our bodies are much smarter than our minds, and much smarter than we know (my paraphrasing, forgive me), and I have learned that truth as I have been on this healing journey. I have learned to trust my body and to trust the Medical Medium information because it works! The results speaks for themselves even when we think we're not seeing the ones we want. Time and perseverance has taught me that trust. 

All of this is enough to keep me wanting to do more rounds of this cleanse, and to talk about all that I'm experiencing! So of course, I made a video doing just that. Link is in my profile if you'd like to hear more. 

Also, I'm joining in on the @laurenhenryhealth #cleansetohealbookclub on Instagram - I've already finished this amazing book, but I'm raring to go back through chapter by chapter and discuss it with other members of this fantastic community of healing warriors! So follow the hashtag on Instagram to join in with us, share your thoughts in your own posts using that hashtag, and feel free to continue the discussion on other members' posts! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

What's Up Wednesday #77 - Holding my Inner Child

Medical Medium  has said that Compassion is the understanding of suffering. I feel that so deeply in my soul.

It's okay to feel the grief of not getting our needs met as children. It's okay to take time to process that pain. It's okay to feel anger, sadness, rage, grief, deep hurt, and any other emotion that comes up about it.

We don't need to prove anything to anyone. We don't need our healing to look a certain way. All we need to do is honor our own journey. To take all the time we need to slow down, to process, to create our routines to best support ourselves and our healing.

Who we are matters in this world. The proof of that is that we are still here. We are the light. Our healing matters. Self-care matters. Self-compassion matters.

It's okay to take whatever time is needed to be slow and deliberate and to heal. In whatever way best works for us. We have nothing to prove. It's not a race.

Our healing IS for us but it's also for the world that we take this time. Because as we let our light shine, as we give ourselves that compassion, we give others permission to do the same. And so we are all igniting compassion in the world.

And what this world needs to heal is compassion.

Give yourself love in the way that you would a small child. I like to put my hand on my heart and say, "I love you," slowly over and over, thinking of the child inside who needed a kind of love and compassion she never received. I can give it to her now. I'm here for her now.

Sometimes the emotions coming up are the child that needs love and compassion. The response is the same : Hand on my heart, "I love you," slowly over and over until I feel the release. The release that comes from being witnessed, acknowledged and loved.

Where can you offer your inner child love and compassion? What is coming up that needs to be seen, heard and acknowledged? Can you sit with yourself, breathe and send love?