Saturday, March 10, 2018

#victorycheck - Getting More Foods Back

It's so important to document all I get back, all that I CAN do. For years, my life continually deteriorated into a vast expansive void of what I couldn't do anymore, because I was losing abilities I'd always taken for granted left and right. It was devastating to say the least.

So as each new thing returns to me, back again when I thought I'd lost it forever, I celebrate those as victories. They are as miraculous as any of my healing has been. They are triumphs and cause for celebration, no matter how seemingly small they might seem to the untrained eye. They are HUGE. 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

What's Up Wednesday - Asparagus Juice Update [Medical Medium Style]

I've been drinking asparagus juice plus eating asparagus for dinner for a couple of weeks now, and have seen some interesting results. I'm seeing more clearing out of toxins, of course, and I've also been in a small flare of shingles symptoms since I started the asparagus juice, lobelia and ALA (the latter two being shingles fighters specifically). 

I'm just witnessing it, because cleaning stuff out is a great thing, and I know how important the healing benefits of asparagus are. And I guess the Universe wants me to keep doing it, because there keeps being organic asparagus at Costco - which is NOT a regular thing to have at my Costco, by the way. So I'll just keep on juicing it and watching the results.

I have also joined the 90 Day Thyroid Rehab from the "Thyroid Healing" book, in a movement started by @fortheloveoflyme on Instagram - many of us are joining in to do this together. This first 30 days, in addition to our regular food routine, we are making sure to include: 

✓ 32oz lemon water every morning first thing
✓16oz celery juice 30 min later
✓at some point in the day, another lemon water
✓also 24oz aloe/ginger/lemon water

And of course, staying off the "NO" foods: 
🚫MSG including nutritional yeast
🚫farmed fish
🚫artificial sweeteners including table sugar

I also promised some asparagus juice recipes, the ones I like. 

The first recipe I made is here in my previous blog post

Two more recipes I like are:

Asparagus Sunrise (printable recipe here)

1 bunch (1 pound) asparagus
2 grapefruits
1 thumb ginger
1 cucumber

Juice and enjoy!

The Age of Asparagus (printable recipe here)

1 bunch (1 pound) asparagus
2-3 large oranges
1 thumb ginger
1 cucumber

Juice and enjoy!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Q & A - What About Animal Protein? [Medical Medium Style]

When you've been programmed to believe that a thing is a necessary part of a sound nutritional plan, it can be tricky to let it go. If you're used to eating dense, heavy meals that make your belly feel very full, it can be an adjustment to having meals that are light and digest easily and quickly.

So how does one do it? How does one unlearn what one has been programmed to believe? How does one make that shift to plants, and how can just plants make a satisfying meal?

I'm here to tell you that it can be done, and it can be fun. As with everything on this path: persistence, not perfection. Patience, not pushing. Give it time, have compassion for yourself, give yourself permission to take the time you need, and know the truth. We don't need animal protein to thrive. Leafy greens have more bioavailable protein than animal flesh does, and it doesn't come with a side of extra radiation dumped into our bodies. Leafy greens area powerful healing food while animal protein really just takes up space in the gut, is difficult to digest, and clogs up the liver.

And after awhile of not eating it, it doesn't taste the same when you try it again. And it definitely doesn't feel like fuel in the body.

That has been my experience. What has yours been?

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Q & A - Whats Up With My Cycle? [Medical Medium Style]

So commonly asked by those who are healing and those who are cleansing: What's up with my cycle? Where is it? Why is it more than 28 days apart now? It disappeared! Is it coming back? What's wrong with me?

The answer is nothing is wrong with you. You are detoxing. You are healing. Our bodies have wisdom we cannot even begin to understand. It's really very normal for our cycles to go through an adjustment period as we detox. Sometimes they become sporadic, sometimes they disappear altogether, but nothing is wrong, it's just a part of detox. It will come back! It will level out. All will return. the body is always striving for homeostasis, so it is doing what it needs to in order to achieve that for us.

Sometimes the body has to put certain systems on hold in order to balance others out, to let them heal. It's all right, though. Don't panic if your cycle changes or even disappears for awhile while you're cleansing. trust your body's wisdom. Trust the process. It's only temporary. It will return to normal in time, and your body will be better for it. 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

#victorycheck - Adrenal Support FTW [Medical Medium Style]

A beautiful thing happened the other day. A beautiful thing disguised in an unpleasant, uncomfortable thing. A thing that at first felt like dread and panic, and a rush of heat in a column in my body. Usually that thing turns itself into action - action that will vindicate the feeling but later leave me wrecked and full of regret and pain. Then a crash both physical and mental where I lose myself for however long to its effects. 

But this time, no ill effects, no crash afterwards, and no pain caused for myself or others - at least nothing permanent and that couldn't be healed quickly. I was able to think enough to tell myself to step back and breathe, and I was able to recover from the adrenaline rush by dissipating it altogether. I didn't fall inti its trap. I wasn't held hostage by it while it wreaked its havoc on me and whomever was in my path at the time.

I breathed it away. I apologized for letting it get out even a sentence. I healed myself and my relationship before anything happened. For the first time in years, I was able to be in control, it didn't have me. And I owe it all to my healing. To the emotional tools and the support of the healing foods and supplements I eat daily. I am healing my life in ways I never thought possible. I am so grateful for this opportunity to grow and heal this thing that has had a hold on me for so so long. A million thank you's to Anthony William the Medical Medium and ALL of his books, blog posts, radio shows, love, healing energy, and dedication to all of us for our continued healing.