RV Ready

When we got our RV, it seemed to be in pretty god shape. It was ready to go, it looked like a good clean RV interior. It smelled a bit like....something - perfume? Detergent? Some light scent, but it never caused me to react. We figured it was solid. But we planned on living in it, and I like color. So we decided to renovate it and make it ours. This seems to be something we do when we move into a space, with the exception of our current house. Below is the timeline of our purchase and renovations, and links to the posts including photos of what we did.


April 15: This is Really Happening

April 18: The Rig Before

April 21: It's Coming Apart - and Together Again

April 25: Registering the RV and Driving it for the First Time

In between April and May we had a setback: mold in the RV. I am allergic to mold, so we had to have that taken care of. With all the back and forth of having different companies out and getting quotes, it took quite some time.

July 24: We're Watching...and We're Waiting

Then the painting took forever. Forever! My husband resealed the roof during the mold debacle. Many...almost all...of my husband's weekends were spent inside the RV painting...then stopping to take care of leaks that happened...then painting again....then more leaks...then finally getting the leaks handled as he figured out once and for all where they were coming from. At the same time, my health situation needed a LOT of attention, and several of those weekends were sent being a caregiver for me, as well, so some time was taken away from focusing on the RV.

When the weather improved, so did I - my health is tied to the weather changes that way. Isn't that special? And finally in March, he has (mostly) finished the painting. He DOES still have a couple of things to paint, but it was enough to have someone else come in and do the floors (given the time it took to paint. Had we paid someone else, we probably could have also had that done in a few days, too. But maybe we needed to stay to get this health stuff taken care of.


March 13: We Almost Have Floors!

March 26: We Can Haz Floors!

April 5: RV Paint  Job - Walls and Cabinets

April 7: RV Knobs: Drawers and Cabinets

Life in the RV

What's Life Like For us in an RV - Part 1

What's Life Like For Us in an RV - Part 2

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