Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hatty Hattington from The Behemoth Games

Castle Crashers plush sold by The Behemoth Games. 
My son is a huge gamer, and a huge fan of collectible plush. The two are incredibly compatible. One independent game company whose games he LOVES is The Behemoth Games. His favorites of theirs are Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater. He was delighted last christmas to get some authentic Castle Crashers plush from his grandfather - the blue and red knights.

But TBG didn't make one of his other favorite characters in plush form - Hatty Hattington. So he asked if I could give him a go.

I looked at photos I found on the internet and thought, oh, that looks easy! A big block head with a top hat on a doll body - sure, no problem! Kiernen also wanted me to make him proportional to his already existing Castle Crashers plush. Okay, I can do that, sure. 

I set about making him. I made three different heads in an effort to get them the exact right size to the body. And two different bodies. After those protypes, I found The Right Size. I was delighted! At last, I got him The Right Size! He is finished! Woohoo, I did it! 

Ta-daa!!! Hatty Hattington! Yes!
I showed him to Kiernen.

He said, "I like him. Can you make his suit, too?" 

His suit. A coat with tails, outlined with ribbon, pants, and an ascot. Oh man. Clothes. "Um....sure? I'll do my best."

Well, apparently my best is pretty good, because after 4 tries (yes, I made 4 whole different suits), I nailed it. I give you Hatty Hattington! Fanart made for my son, who is a huge TBG fan. 

And here is Hatty shown next to the professionally made castle Crashers plush, to show you I really did manage to make him proportional. This was no easy feat (for me)! I am impressed with myself, because I stuck it out and made it so.

He loves these three plush and takes extra special care of them. Tags are still on because though he plays with them, he likes to keep them collectible. 

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