Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Early 2013 Kirby Plush

I might have mentioned I like to make plush, which was started by my son asking me to create some plush he couldn't find for sale. One of his favorites to ask me to make, and getting pretty easy to make, are Kirby plush from the Nintendo series of Kirby games. He is a HUGE fan.

These are a few of the Kirby plush I've made him in 2013, after I got my Kirby technique down. I suppose I COULD do some commissions of these in my Etsy shop, if someone asked me to.

The center photo is a mix of plush I made, storebought plush, and plush I commissioned someone else to do (that would be the giant King Dedede there). Top from right to left are: Chilly, Waddle Doo, Kirby....the blue one is Meta Knight unmasked, the bottom is Fighter Kirby. Then there is green, lemon and blue kirby in the middle photo, and some others.

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