Wednesday, April 8, 2015

She's Crafty: RV Drawer and Cabinet Knobs

I'm a crafty person. I love to create, to add my personal touch to a space, to incorporate what is important to my family into spaces we live in. The cabinet knobs and drawer pulls in the RV were a heavy brass, and while they were durable and stylish for the old decor, they don't match what we're doing at all. Plus they were really heavy, and as much as possible, we have tried to remove anything heavy from the RV.

So I thought wooden pulls would be fun, because we could paint them with my son's favorite characters, adding color, fun and whimsy to the drawers. And the wood is really lightweight! Bonus!

So here is a collage of what I painted - the collaboration from my family was of which characters to do. I sort of took it over and did the rest. 

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