Thursday, April 2, 2015

RV paint job

I thought that I'd just show you the painting my husband did in the RV all these months. I helped some, but he did the majority of the work. I painted all the cabinet doors and drawers, and did some of the blue in the bedroom. He did everything inside the RV.

My favourite green for a living room. We had this in our first house, and I have never stopped loving this colour. Notice all the white cabinets. Those were cherry wood before. We wanted everything light and bright.

Detail of the white laundry cabinet - again, was cherry wood. I know wood purists will be gobsmacked by this, especially given that it is REAL wood - in an RV - which is rare. But White really makes the space feel bigger, and if there is one thing I know about my family, it's that we do NOT do well in dark, cave-like spaces.

A lose-up of the blue in the bedroom that also shows the floors and trim. 

Blue bedroom. 

Purple bathroom vanity area. 

Purple toilet area. Same purple, the lighting is just a bit different. 

One sofa back in on the green wall. Not installed, just sitting there. 

detail of white cabinets. 

White kitchen cabinets. 

White overhead cabinets. No handles yet because I am still painting those. 

White kitchen.

Bathroom sink. 

Bedroom drawers. 

Bedroom overhead cabinets. 

All totally white. This took sooooooo long to do!

Bedside drawers. 

Bathroom mirrors. 

Front of the cab. That big box is still cherrywood. We left it because we're having it removed and replaced, so no point in bothering to paint it. 

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