Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Healing of My Spirit [Medical Medium Healing]

I have been healing for four years with the Medical Medium information. When I started using the information, it was to heal my body. More specifically, to heal the deep deep fatigue and the brain fog in my body. I had no idea whatsoever that in the process, so so much more would heal than that. 
I had no idea that my chronic pain of 20+ years could heal. I had no idea that over 100 symptoms and conditions could heal. Some of them I had no idea were even symptoms - I just thought that my body WAS that way. I had no idea that my depression would heal. That my PTSD could heal. I had no idea that my EDS symptoms could heal - I was told by the medical systems, both alternative and allopathic, that that was genetic and unhealable! 
I have been floored over and over what symptoms heal over time. What goes away. What improves using the Medical Medium information. I have been awed at how my trust has been restored. At how my faith has strengthened. At how I now talk with the Angels daily - the ones that Medical Medium has introduced us to for healing and help along the way. I have been lifted by the fact that there are not only tools for healing our body in this information, but for healing our soul and spirit as well. 
And in this past four years, I have seen restored what I never even knew could be restored - not just in my body but in my soul and spirit. I have gained faith not just in my body and its ability to heal - which would honestly be enough for me to fall to my knees in gratitude, as I have many times. But as I healed, my intuition became clearer and clearer, my faith became stronger and stronger, and I regained a connection with my own spirituality that had been lost for so long I had almost forgotten it existed. Not just a superficial connection, but a deep, deep soul connection. 
It's been so profound for me that I find myself at a loss for the words to explain it. It is deeply personal, which also makes it difficult to share as well. But I want to. And I try to in this video I made about it.

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