About Us

We are a family of three humans, a pug named Muffins and a cat named Frenzie. We're unschoolers, nerds, adventurers, permaculturists, conservationists. We deal with chronic illness.

In addition to our current pug and cat, we have had bees and chickens, mice and Madagascar hissing cockroaches (not all at once). We have grown our own food. We eat mostly Paleo-type foods, all grassfed and free-range and organic. We reduce, reuse, recycle, and compost.

We've lived in Co-housing. We're dual citizens of the US and Canada. We're going to live in an RV for awhile, and try roadschooling.

The boys love video games. Mama loves to knit and craft. Dad loves Warhammer and hockey. Kiddo loves LEGO and plush. We all love board games and reading.

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