Monday, July 20, 2009

his birthday is coming!

Once a month is about my speed during the summer, eh?

My son's 4th birthday is coming up. And because we've gone and switched his diet around, I cannot do the grand and crazy cake I made last year, which was an entire gluten-free train.

I CAN make some SCD type cakes, which would be baked, but I was also thinking of something like this:

Directions can be found here.

Or this:

Original here.

Or some combination of both. He wanted me to incorporate Gordon the Train into his cake - he wanted Gordon to BE the cake, actually. But if I make the cake like the first one, I believe I can actually have a little track going around the cake upon which a TOY Gordon could ride, and that might do it for him. I could also have little giraffes and other small animals upon the cake, as well.

Since we are celebrating his birthday on August 9th (he turns 4 on the 10th), I am thinking about this constantly - going over and over things in my head and trying to figure out what the best options are.

For snacks, I was thinking of little nut ice cream parfaits with chocolate mousse ice cream and cashew whipped cream. Cut veggies, of course, with some raw dips to go with them maybe.

Any suggestions are welcome, too! He loves giraffes, so I am trying to incorporate giraffes and trains somehow...