Saturday, May 1, 2010

future forests

This morning, there was an organized tree planting in our community. We were given about 150 free trees by an organization called LEPS - a wonderful local organization dedicated to "protecting and restoring the natural environment through education, cooperation and action".

As part of the planting of all of these trees, one of our community members - our creative tree manager - decided to include the kids and anyone else who wanted to come and "adopt a tree". Anyone who wanted to went to the common house and painted a rock - with their name or the name of a loved one - a couple were of pets who have very recently passed - and then when they went to plant the trees, the rocks were placed next to the tree to mark it as "theirs".

Sadly, I was unable to make it out to the muddy part of the creek where these trees were being planted, so I managed to only get a photo of the Second Expedition on their way out to plant their trees. That's Kiernen in the yellow raincoat and Thomas hat. I am such a proud Mama. Our kiddos, planting out future forest, right outside.

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