Sunday, May 1, 2011

we now return to somewhat regularly scheduled programming...

Oh, hi. I guess I dropped off the blogosphere for awhile while I contemplated my next move. I've been thinking and thinking about what I want my blog to be. It didn't seem right to have a blog named for raw when what I'm eating is more GAPS/Paleo. So I went away for awhile, I did some stuff, I went through some stuff, and now I'm back. I renamed my blog and I'm going to do something with the design here in the next few days, too. I deleted the posts from way back that didn't apply to now, and I edited a bit, and I'm readjusting, since a few months not blogging equals all kinds of new blogging technology sprouting up in the meanwhile. Since I'm pretty much guaranteed I've no readers as of now (having disappeared for several months), I'll just quietly tool around here getting things the way I want them to be, and scheduling some yummy recipe posts.

Here we go!

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