Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm like a butterfly

Okay, I know I keep changing things and I keep messing about on here like some indecisive flighty butterfly (I'd rather liken myself to a butterfly than a flake).

So I'll just tell you about it.

My brain seems to be all over the place lately - here we are about to move from BC, Canada back to the US - Portland, OR to be exact...when? Do I know? No! My original plan in my adorably ambitious (on paper) brain was May 31st. The Universe has other plans. I've now amended "My" plan to June 30. Outside sources say that is still adorably ambitious.

Sometimes the waiting and not knowing an exact date can be frustrating, like being in some ongoing purgatory, only with trampolines, a Kindle, my sewing room, and awesome kids. The true answer is this: our house, in this co-housing community in which we live, is for sale. It is also under contract - being bought currently by people we would totally hang out with were we staying here. (They're unschoolers! they have all the same books as us!) They are currently in the process of selling THEIR house, which according to our contract, they have until June 30th to do. In the meanwhile, however, we do have the option of selling to what is known as a "cash buyer", which is essentially someone who ha the financing lined up and no other place to sell. Capisce? (I had to look that up to spell it correctly).

Anyway. We'd like to sell to our pretend homies, of course. And also, we're ready to move. This is the thing about my brain: Once a decision has been made by me, it is best to just go and act on it rather than eave me to stew about it for awhile (therefore worrying if it's the "right" decision and talking myself out of and back into it about a zillion times a day). I'm good at decisions. Truth be told, when it comes to the big stuff, I make fairly good decisions (where did that self-assurance just come from?). I tend to make them intuitively, which is what makes them work. However, when action doesn't happen immediately, my mind tends to go all intellectual and want to overanalyze it all and rip it to shreds. (This is where being a Virgo with Leo moon and Libra cusp comes into play and also, opposition - just in case anyone reading is of the astrological bent. Or really, just in case anyone is reading this. Whichever.)

But I digress. Or maybe it's all relevant, we'll just pretend it is. I'm meant to be talking about why I keep changing my blog and its name and therefore location. and really, it is because I feel the great need for movement and change (thus the decision to move) while what I am experiencing is the opposite, and therefore, am also causing myself some indecision in every other area of my life.

I thought for awhile it would be good to have several different blogs (I can be so adorably ambitious on paper sometimes). (In case you were wondering, I think parenthetically, too.) I said to myself, "It'll have one blog solely dedicated to knitting and sewing, and another about food, and another about unschooling, and another about...," you get the picture. I figured I'd go ahead and make it doable by starting them one at a time, building up on each until I've got it at "maintenance level", then starting the next one. See? that sounds great on paper (or on the screen), right?

Except then I remembered who I am and the fact that really, I am not going to do all of that mess. and then I'd be sewing something and thinking how great it would be to post about it except oh, I've only got the food blog going, and how is that supposed to work then?

the reality is that one place for me to be all of me is best for me. It may not be a "niche" or whatever, but really, it is the core of who I am. Eclectic, varied, not nearly as organized as one might expect a Virgo to be, and um...interested in a great many things in life. So in the interest of saving my sanity and also insuring that I post here more than once a week or month or whatever, I figured just do what works for here I am. Back to the original name of my very first blog, the one that seems to fit me to this day.

Purple Goddess in Frog Pyjamas.

* waves *

So okay, not going to be exclusively about recipes, or crafts, or unschooling, or beekeeping. And Is going to be about all of the above and more.

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