Monday, June 6, 2011

portable DVD player tote

Now that we've returned from our recent trip to Vancouver, WA for the Life is Good Unschooling Conference, I can start sharing things about the trip. huzzah! And Thing One will be the lovely Portable DVD Player Tote I made with many many great thanks to this awesome tutorial.

My version (Kiernen chose the fabrics since it is essentially his DVD Player):

The outside front:
 Opened - it has velcro closures
 The back pocket, which is tricky to see with this fabric. It's huge and holds cords, the remote, headphones, etc.:
 Inside the spacious back pocket:
 Which also has velcro closure:
 The two-part inside (player side):
 with DVD sleeve inside also:
 enough space for everything one needs to make one's DVD player experience a success.
I recommend this tutorial to anyone. It was easy to follow and I think my only change, just because it was what I had, was I used quilt batting on the inside for cushioning, and flannel for the fabric (weird choice, I know). Note: If you're going to use quilt batting, do yourself a favor and make it at LEAST 1/4" smaller on all sides than the fabric. It will be SO much easier to sew together, trust me! Becaue this bag is flannel, it can also double as a pillow if needed, because it's so soft. And its washable!

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