Sunday, July 10, 2011

Renaissance Garb for the Whole Family

I whipped up some garb today for our friends' renaissance-inspired wedding. I already had the corset from a Ren Faire a couple of years ago - by Felix and Kitty Creative. My underdress was a part of my wedding costume, made by my friend Karen at Curious Cat Clothing. The rest is made by me - Hubby and Son's shirts were made previously for different costumes, hubby's pants were actually part of an owl costume I'd made for myself two Halloweens ago. So what I whipped up today from a couple of tablecloths were my overskirt, Hubby's vest, and all of our hats. There is a Renaissance Faire coming up here in a couple of weeks, and I think before then I'm going to remake Hubby's vest and hat, but for today, we looked pretty good and got lots of compliments.

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  1. Somehow I never saw this 2011 photo until today, 4/13/15! You guys look great! Such fun!


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