Monday, August 8, 2011

sleepy kitten tires of this

I just love how when I lie down to try and rest my brain for sleep, my mind begins to clear and organize my thoughts for the coming week...a day would be sufficient, and can we just please skip the nightly walks down memory lane, thanks?

On the bright side, my brain did manage to clear some things about our packing and moving that had been troubling me. Namely, that state of one's home that begins to take over once one begins packing everything, which one can only refer to as 'chaos'. I can stand a fair bit of untidiness, but after awhile, clutter begins to get to me, especially if it is chaotic clutter. I prefer organized clutter, if that makes any sense at all. That is to say, when I can walk through my house without having to navigate my way around things, and I know where everything is. When things get too far away from where I prefer them to be, I become anxious...and my anxiety generally tends to manifest itself as grumpiness, and sometimes yelling, and sometimes tears.


So as you might be able to guess, having boxes every which where I turn in my house isn't conducive to my mental health. and yet, this is what is so: we are moving. We need to pack things. There will be boxes. Also: taxes! and death!

But my brain proved to be of some use to me, as did my tireless husband - well, he isn't tireless, since he is asleep at this very second of my typing this - he does have a job outside of the home to go to in the morning, after all. My point being that what my husband did today was work on clearing out his hobby room to use for storing the boxes. And I realized that if we take that just a little bit farther and take out his computer and his desk, we can fill that whole room with boxes (rather than my living room). This would make space in my living room for the elliptical, which I'd like to have in there for me to burn off stress throughout my day as I am packing. (Doesn't that sentence make me sound like I'm fit and healthy? How I love thee, words on a page. If only you had the power to create my real life as I type you. )

I can also pack up my sweet son's room, and then Hubby can disassemble both his shelves and his bed, and then we can also fill his room with boxes, leaving the upstairs (where we spend all of our time) virtually clear of boxes - although there is the little matter of The Stuff That is Needing to Go - either to Craigslist or charity - that might be occupying said happy space in the meanwhile.

Right this very second, my eyeballs took a time out to yell at me for my keeping them open to type this out. "Really? You're insisting on keeping us open for THIS boring drivel? Really???" Yes, eyeballs, I call it freeing my mind so I can sleep, okay? You - stop yelling at me!!!

Sigh. I apologize to anyone currently reading this. What you must think of me right now. Forgive my little free-flowing catharsis.

Anyway...bottom line is, we can pack everything we own and also still have a relatively clear space in our living area, which makes my mind happier, because for its peace, this is what is needed.

P.S. - My paper journal is even more boring than this. It's just to-do lists and things I need to remember so our world doesn't implode when we leave this place.

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