Saturday, October 1, 2011

on flying (or my journey from panic to calm, part three)

I may have gotten a bit overconfident. Yes, I get what my motion sickness / panic attacks are triggered by. Yes, I now have tools to soothe them both. So flying can happen with relative ease. Still not FUN for me per se, but doable - and because the flights I take aren't very long, I can travel to see my family without dread.

And. There are still things I am learning that I need to remember about flying - turbulence and circling of the plane still cause severe motion sickness - and when combined with having eaten food - real food - on the plane, equal my losing the contents of my stomach. three times. Good thing we had three bags to contain it! So gross.

The good thing is Kiernen, who was sitting right next to me, wasn't even aware that I was throwing up - though my husband certainly was, as he was taking the bags and handing me new ones. Also interesting was the fact that during this episode Kiernen kept talking about how he was feeling sick - and my hunch is that he is just that sensitive and aware of me, his Mama. Because when we got off the plane, he said he was feeling better (as I was) and on the next flight he just went to sleep and had no issues at all (nor did I).

We had zero layover on the next leg of the flight - just enough time to get from one plane to the next - and we boarded immediately. I ended up chatting to  a woman next to me in line and she offered me some chips - for the salt - to help me not be sick again. I took her offer gratefully and then asked the flight attendant for some water before we flew. I ate nothing else that trip - just sipped some ginger ale, and I was actually fine.

Lesson learned: when flying, no food beyond fruit, which is easily digestible. Liquids only if possible. Maybe something salty to take the edge off - not much, though.  I'll get it - it's all fine tuning...

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