Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I can haz head injury!

So I was able to churn out a few posts and then BAM! Post-concussive syndrome took me down again, so NO SKREENZ FOR MEH. Because they'd make my symptoms go haywire, and I couldn't move from the sofa because of the dizziness. It as like being hung over every day, but without he fun night of partying beforehand to make it all worth it "but I will never drink again".

And now I am back on the screens because two things happened:

1) I called Sophya Itskovich, who has been my NAET practitioner, my immunologist, my acupuncturist, my "Russian Grandmother", and I told her about my symptoms and what had been happening since the end of January. Unbeknownst to me, she did an energy balancing on me that Sunday, and that Sunday, no kidding, I began feeling better. With the exception of one very scary and down day*, I have been feeling better and continuing to improve ever since. I still need to be careful with screens after dark, and with too much artificial light. I also haven't been brave enough to try venturing into a large store with artificial lighting yet, but I am definitely functional during the day and on the mend.

2) * - I went to see the neurologist. This was the day - Friday the 13th - that was my really bad, down day - I was severely depressed, crying all day, in general gloom an doom/freakout mode. And then I went to see the neurologist. My symptoms were really buzzing - the office had new furniture and possibly carpeting, which was off-gassing, and it was driving my senses into overload - I felt like I was going to both throw up and pass out, and it was making me REALLY irritable. And crazy.

Then the whole place is lite by the worst fluorescent lights ever - you'd think that a hospital of all places (especially one called Sunnyside) would be more sensitive to the needs of patients, especially the neurology department. In the exam room, same thing - I was at least able to turn off the light in there, but there was still new furniture and some rubbery smell - the latex gloves maybe - I don't know. But gah, my blood pressure must have been through the roof. I was anxious, shaking, the whole works.

And finally he came in. And he patiently and slowly asked questions: about what happened, about my history, about my symptoms - and he listened as I explained every single one of them. He checked me out, and when he had to shine a light in my eyes, he was apologetic. He spoke calmly and slowly to me, and explained to me that he thought I definitely have a head injury, and that ALL of my symptoms are coming from the effects on my inner ear  - ALL of them (and there is a comprehensive list!).

I told him about my family history - my uncle and mother have been diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Ataxia, it is genetic, my cousins, brothers and I all have a 50/50 shot of having it ourselves. And he got it. He got me, and he understood my fear, and why these lingering symptoms worried me, and he totally validated all of my feelings, and as he did that and he visit went on, and he reassured me three or more times that NONE of my symptoms could possibly be ataxia-related because I have a head injury and they all started then.....my anxiety, fear, and blood pressure all began to melt and calm down.

He wrote me for physical therapy for my inner ear - physical therapy! I can make a difference here!  There is something I can do to actively help retrain my inner ear to know where my body is in space. And he wrote for an MRI - he said he wasn't sure I really needed one, but he'd get me one just to be sure - and that I could sign for it and keep it afterwards! I cannot WAIT to see the results of that test! Pictures of my brain! Woohoo!

The nurse came in and took my blood pressure at the end there, and
I told her she was smart for doing so  -had she taken it at the beginning it would have been through the roof! By the time the appointment ended, I was again feeling good, practically dancing out of the exam room and to the waiting arms of my family, who had been enjoying the sunshine outside. I have a head injury! Could anyone ever be so happy to have that diagnosis??? With PT to follow and an MRI? YES.

To top it off, the sun has come out (albeit intermittently) in Portland, and the city has exploded all over itself in beautiful multicolored bloom. SPRING is here, in Portland, and how amazingly perfect the timing. We spent our whole weekend lazily squeezing errands and "to-dos" in between our long stretches of time at the local parks, where we were running around, blowing bubbles, playing frisbee, and collecting sticks for my container garden.

If you ever come and visit Portland, spring and summer is when we really shine, and crazily so. Man alive, is it insanely beautiful here.

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