Thursday, August 30, 2012

my crafty summer

Wow, we seem to have had a busy summer. No posts in awhile, eh?

I made lots of cool things!

These four Kirby plushies (or stuffies as we call them). I used this tutorial, and modified it to look even more like the video game Kirby, with the art direction of my sweet boy.

Inspired by my success with the Kirbys, I went on to use this tutorial from Obsessively Stitching to create a flock of Angry Birds. (I'll do close-ups in a future post. They will blow your mind, because the awesome, I am full of it. I even managed to make Blu from just photos and determination.)

I also made this Hobbes, from this instructable. I knitted the top one last year. I am a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes, to the point of having them tattooed on my ankle, so imagine me delight when my son turns out to be a huge fan, as well. I do what I can to support his fandom.

As a family, we made this Mario Power-Up Mushroom pinata. 

I sewed this birthday banner for my son's 7th birthday. I made the number removable so we can reuse it next year. Or for my birthday, or my husband's. 

I threw together this puppet theater out of curtains I'd previously made and dowel rods.  (Note to anyone trying this at home: those dowel rods are flimsy. The slightest leaning will have them on the floor. But they did do the trick, and the puppet show was successful. Bonus: I can put it up and take it down again whenever the whim occurs. And storage is easy!)

I also sewed the puppet bases for my son and his friends to make their own puppets at my son;s birthday party. Then they got to take their puppets home!

And I made this Kirby cake! 

This is only a bit of it...there are so many things we created that I haven't taken photos of! And works in progress: to come! 

Tell me about your summer!

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