Saturday, January 24, 2015


I have been epically failing at maintaining this blog, but I am committed  to returning to it for a few reasons:

1)  To return to my journaling habit of yore. I am an external processor and have found that journaling is one of the things that keeps me sane and helps me through. Better to get it out of me than to keep it in, that sort of thing.

2) To have a place I maybe keep notes on my health and related conditions, that might somehow, somewhere, also help others, should they stumble upon it. Given the amount of people I have connected to on the internet that share my "rare" illness, I am given to thinking it's less rare and more underdiagnosed. If you see yourself in what I post and in my experiences, maybe it gives you a direction to look in yourself. That's my hope anyway, that by speaking about it, it offers someone else something.

3) To replace my rampant Facebok compulsion. It's not healthy how much time I spend there and what it does to me. This could be a post in and of itself.

4) To document my journey. We're getting ready to live in an RV! That's kind of odd and exciting at the same time!

5) To reconnect with myself. I used to love to write and love to blog. I need to do things that feed my brain, and I suspect this could be that again. Writing helps me to organize my thoughts and remember who I am. Hey, maybe it will even help my short-term memory - wouldn't that be a wonderful added bonus!

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  1. I have just rsn acracr your blog and I also have pots, like to quilt.. When I can andandam trying to get my hubby to get an RV! My sinson also huge on gaming . Actually 2 of them! And I juice and eat tons of veggies! I have beeb experiencing pots since Sept / October 2016 after surgery, infection and antibiotics.
    I am happy to hear that you feel better now. I am still working on it thank you for the encouragement and sharing your story!


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