Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bill Cipher From Gravity Falls, And a Pig That as it Turns Out, Looks Like Waddles

The pig was an accident. Well I mean, not really, but I hadn't seen the show Gravity Falls yet when my son asked me to make Bill Cipher. I only saw photos on the internet, and only of Bill. Talk about easy to make! I actually made an ornament of him first: 

I had fun with this easy ornament, so it was great with me when he then asked me to make a plush. The plush, of course, has the detail of the brickwork that Bill has...not sure it's really visible in the photo though. 

And when he asked me to make this little pig, I had zero idea that there was actually a pig in the show. I just thought he wanted it because it was cute. Because it is! So cute!

And then maybe even that day we began watching Gravity Falls together (which is a phenomenal cartoon, by the way) and I learned who and what I'd just made. Waddles! What? Well, maybe Waddles as a baby. But still!

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