Sunday, September 11, 2016

(I Don't Know) How to Plan an RV Trip Without Pulling Out Your Hair

So here we are, in the final stages of getting our house on the market. My husband is losing his mind (and body) to the exhaustion of getting all the things just so for the house, so it can go on the market. We have an amazing property, so we know it will sell fast, especially in this market of low inventory and high demand.

And I seem to be losing my mind to a later departure date than intended and a specific time frame in which we need to be almost  thousand miles from here.

Wow. As I'm typing this post, a perfect example of how our life has been working just happened. The refrigerator in the RV started leaking water. Or rather, my husband noticed that is has been leaking water, so this means of course STOP EVERYTHING NOW, because water leaks = mold, and we can NOT have mold in the RV. No.

I just had to interrupt the writing of this post to go do some research really quickly about the possible causes of water leaks in RV fridges and what can be done about them. It's the freaking ice maker that I've rallied against since the beginning - no good can come of a water line running into an appliance with no plumbing when you're driving down the bumpy roads of the world. I'm NOT a fan of ice makers. No.

Right now he is out there trying to cap these lines and do a quick fix that will work for now, but we are replacing this fridge. I've had it with this nonsense with this damn RV fridge. Pretty much no new decent coaches are made with RV fridges anymore - they use residential ones. Because they are BETTER. Even for riding down the road in an RV, which they aren't particularly made for. And all you have to do to make them work in an RV is add latches to he doors. No, they can't run on propane, but no one seems to care. Left and right everywhere I read, people are replacing their RV fridges with residential ones. Especially the full-timers!

Now, where was I? Planning the RV trip (if we ever actually leave). 

My original plan was for us to amble down the Oregon Coast (I thought we'd be leaving in early October, which is THE best month of the year for the Oregon Coast - it was going to be perfect). We'd stop at all the cool beaches and wander through the small beach towns and take lots of great photos to share on Instagram and here. We'd stay a week here, two weeks there, and make our way down the coast and into California, where we'd continue at that pace until we finally arrived in Los Angeles at the beginning of November. (My event is November 5th). 

But when I told my realtor I expected we'd be closing on the house by October 6th, I imagined her laughing inwardly as she informed me that it often took around 45 days to get the loan through once the house had an offer. Which puts us at more like October 25th.

I have an event in Los Angeles November 5th. It's enough of an event that I REALLY don't want to have to cancel. I cannot fly to LA for ALLTHEREASONS, so that's out. For this event, I'd like to be settled into an RV park at least 5 days prior, which only really leaves 5 days to drive down from Oregon to Los Angeles, California. And that means skipping the entire Oregon Coast, Northern California (the Redwoods) and my friends in those areas.


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  1. Life is what happens as you make plans. Believe it was John Lennon who said that. Mom (me) says "rest and enjoy, relax and enjoy, things will work out". You both have good heads on your shoulders, not dependent on certain courses, etc., you guys already have what matters! Love you three!


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