Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fine Tuning my Healing Path

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Since Anthony William is virtually impossible to get a consult with due to his incredibly high demand (he has a waiting list of over 10K, his busy schedule of  supporting new practitioners, his weekly show on Hay House Radio, and being a bestselling author, he has on his website a list of available recommended practitioners that we can call and schedule a consult with when we are needing personalized guidance.

I was needing extra support and guidance to refine my supplements and foods and to know which direction to focus on in my healing journey, as the protocols for different issues vary, and I want to be focusing on maximum (but still gentle) healing for myself and my son. I made an appointment with Carolyn Cavanagh and I am SO glad that I did!

I won't post my specific protocol because it's for me, but I will talk about what happened in the call. Firstly, Carolyn has the kindest and most compassionate demeanor, and I loved her and felt connected to her instantly. Her intuition is spot on, ahe scanned me and my son and was completely accurate when she talked about where pain and issues were happening for us.

She gave me a VERY thorough set of guidelines for what foods will best support me, what supplements I should be focusing on and in what doses, what teas to be drinking, what kinds of exercise will best support me right now - all of it. She was incredibly generous with her time. When our call had to end because she had another client in the morning, she offered to call me back at the end of her day (on her own time) to finish our call because she really wanted me to have all of the information I needed to heal.

I really felt like she cared specifically what happened with me and my health - not like a number in a doctor's office, but like an old friend - I was so touched that she should be so generous and care so much. And I now have a very detailed list of my whole day - what to be eating and taking when, all of it. She even gave me access to her after the call, and said I can email her with questions and updates and if I do have any flares and she will see what we can do about that. How amazing is THAT level of ongoing support? 

I'm super excited to have this new specifically focused plan of action to follow, to jumpstart my healing once again in such a targeted way. She thinks I can come back to full health in six months. Let's find out if she is right! 

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