Monday, November 21, 2016

The Portland Tram and Friends - the Best Way to Say Goodbye

As the most perfect way to say farewell to Portland that I can think of, we spent a day with great friends, starting with the SE Division Food Carts. We sampled fare from Hapa, Timber's Doghouse PDX, Earth Burger, and had dessert from our favorite, Back to Eden Bakery. That's what's so great about eating in Portland - so many gluten-free, organic, vegan, clean options. Boy, I'll miss that. Folks like us with very specific food needs and sensitivities have choices there.

After food, we just wanted the day to continue - such great company, can you blame us? And it wasn't raining, so we HAD to be outside, right? We decided to take a ride on the Tram. It's been a "Portland Bucketlist" item since we moved there almost 5 years ago, and our friends had never ridden it either! It was meant to be. 

High above the city - you can see it all!


The Cascades in the distance, and a beautiful sky. 

A view of the tram. It's kind of amazing how safe this thing is despite how precarious it looks and feels inside. 

Mount Hood in the distance. These photos do no justice to this awe-inspiring sight. It was just amazing to look out over the city AND be able to see Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens' AND the tip of Mt. Rainier. I am so comforted by the sight of mountains. 

My crew. I love these humans!

We walked around and explored the lookout area, which also happens to be outside of OHSU (it's a hospital in a complex of six different hospitals that make up this campus). Portland is such an interesting city. My son conquered this turtle statue in the soft-floored play area. 

Looking up at the OHSU building. 

Back in the tram again!

One last time, this time with Mt. St. Helen's in the distance. 

If you're ever in Portland, I highly recommend the tram ride, especially on a day with any visibility whatsoever. This view is just amazing. And it's only a few bucks round trip to ride, too! I will definitely miss this weird wonderful city. 

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