Thursday, December 22, 2016

Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove, California

When we went to the Monarch Butterfly Santcuary in Pacific Grove, we knew we were right by the beach, so we decided to have a look while we were just right there.

We found ourselves on Asilomar Beach, which was as windy as it was beautiful. We climbed around on the rocks a bit, exploring and enjoying the view. 

At first the beach was sandy, but as we got closer to the water, it became instead of sand, remnents of seashells and pebbles and beach glass and rocks. 

We looked around and collected a few cool pebbles and shells. 

And then, just views.

And the wind washing the waves against the rocks.

My family.

Foliage, what I believe to be Aster. 

Information about the great tide pool.

Ocean meets sky.

My family photobombed by a gull. Awesome.

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