Monday, December 19, 2016

Seven Feathers RV Resort and Casino

The very first place we stayed upon leaving our house in Oregon was Seven Feathers RV Resort in Canyonville, Oregon. And let me tell you, it did set the bar rather high for future RV Parks.

First, 360 degree mountain views.  And a day moon! This is the first thing was saw when we stepped outside. Beautiful, right? 

 If we gambled, this would be a destination resort. Plenty of LEVEL cement pads, full hookups, CLEAN everything, full friendly helpful staff, and totally easy access to the casino in the form of a shuttle you could call day or night to come to your spot, pick you up, and drive you to the casino. If we ate "regular" food, we could also have used this for the buffet or one of the five restaurants they have there. 
But we don't. Their rates are also quite reasonable, with Good Sam, senior, AAA and I believe military discounts. Almost every RV park we've seen offers military discounts, because they better. (We're not in the military, just to be clear.)

So this lovely pond with a really great sculpture of cranes (I think). And this other lovely fountain, just across from the pond, which after exploring we climbed this hill behind it. I don't tink the staff is used to its guests exploring like we did, because we got some looks - but no one asked us to stop. 

This is our rig with that amazing view behind it. Not pictured is the indoor pool that my son pretty much lived in while we were here. To be honest, had the weather promised to hold up longer, we'd have gladly extended our stay here by weeks even. Well, for as long as they'd let us. I don't think they have monthly stays but we also didn't look into it. This place was truly peaceful and lovely. 

 The holiday decorations were also adorable - several other animals aren't pictured, but adorned the property around the clubhouse and office. Also I didn't remember to take photos of the office, the huge comfy lounge area, the fitness center, or again, the pool. Oh, and there was also a hot tub.

They were chlorinated, but not so much chlorine that you couldn't breathe. I was actually able to go in the pool a couple of times, which was pretty amazing for me. I can't usually handle chlorine, but perhaps my healing body has decided that just a little is tolerable at times.

And all over the place we saw signs like this one stating that they used reclaimed water for irrigation. The planet steward in me was SO happy to see this, and of course they do, because first, they are native americans, and that's just love for planet, yo.

They also had a nice little dog run with a bench, where Muffins met a couple of other dogs and befriended them, and I had some really nice chats with their humans.

Along one side of the property there was also a creek and a paved walkway to walk alongside it - but a fance to keep humans out so the ecosystem wasn't disturbed. Smart. Everything was beautifully maintained, and it was quiet, and such a great place to stay. IF we go back through that way, we will DEFINITELY stay again, because we had such a nice time there. So if you're headed to Winston Wildlife Safari and don't mind a half hour drive to get there, this is a wonderful place to stay. We were able to easily get organic groceries and sushi in Winston, and the drive to and from is just lovely as well. I wish I'd taken more photos but we'd just gotten started and I was soaking it all in. This was probably the best starting point we could have hoped for, and we  were very very happy there. 

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