Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Three Steps Forward, Two Steps Back...One Step Forward Again

Sure enough, once we moved to the new RV Park, within just a couple of hours I was already feeling so much better and less pain. And after being here a couple of days now, still maintaining that improvement. Pain in my body is almost gone really, and fatigue as well. I do keep waking up with a headache, but it does also mostly go away once I've been awake awhile. I'm not sure exactly what that's about.

It's been raining here nonstop and that affects me differently, but not nearly as adversely as those power lines. I just get a little more tired and sleepy and want to snuggle under blankets and have much less humidity in the air. But I'm functional. 

I had an amazing day visiting my family yesterday - a day that makes me wish hard that our time in this city could be for longer than it is. It feels SO short this time. It's been several years since we've all seen each other and there is so much to catch up on. Would that we could be here a month so we could really start to tackle it.

I still have many limitations that prevent me from being able to see all the people I wish I could see here. People have to make changes to see me - they have to be scent-free and willing to come to us in the RV park, because other than my Mom's house I'm not sure where I could be safe. I have to be extra super careful about what I eat and making sure to take all of my supplements (and getting in extra) so my immune system can handle all the stress of new and different situations.

Traveling while healing and detoxing is not exactly ideal, but it is doable if I just make sure to prioritize my health and really be careful about listening to my body's needs and taking care of them.

Before when we've visited the way we would handle being able to see many people at once is we'd have a gathering somewhere - usually a kind friend would offer their home or we'd meet at a park or something, and invite friends to come, so we could have a time of seeing them. But my body cannot handle that this time - there are too many variables that could happen in a group (like scents and colds and such), and for my health I just cannot do that anymore.

I'd like to think there will come a time when I will be able to again. Once I've healed enough to have reached a stable space and be back in the world safely and fully again. I have real hope that it will happen in time.

Until then I am mindful, paying attention, making sure I'm eating the most healing foods (as outlined by Anthony William in his books, "Medical Medium" and "Life-Changing Foods", as well as in his blogs and podcasts). I'm eating lots of raw, since my body seems its best with that - and potatoes at night. I drink my celery juice and heavy metal detox smoothie every morning, along with my supplements and herbal tinctures. I don't think I've ever been SO diligent about making sure everything that goes in has a healing purpose since I did the Medical Medium cleanse. And that was just the foods, no supplements then.

But it's important - this is how I get through all of this okay and continuing to heal. I couldn't have done this at all a year ago. I am so grateful for all of the healing information I DO have now thanks to the Medical Medium, because it has gotten me this far. Being able to travel at all. Being able to see my family again. Having days like yesterday with laughter, love, family, it meant everything to me.

A year ago I wasn't sure I'd ever even be able to see my family again. I'd lost hope that I'd ever find healing or get better or be able to leave my house safely again. So to be able to do all of those things with some accommodations (everyone was scent-free for me) has been a gift I'm eternally grateful for.

Photos to come in a couple of weeks, once they've been processed. 

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