Thursday, October 2, 2008

fruit fly control tips

Fruit Flies  - the bane of compost everywhere. Here are some tips that we've found effective:

#1:Put one of your paint straining bags over your fruit bowl so the fruit flies cannot get in. (I use paint straining bags in place of nutmilk bags, as produce bags, and for my fruit bowl. I also bag my huge amounts of bananas in them on the counter for fruit fly prevention. It works! You can get these at any paint or hardware store.)

#2: Take a cup and put some wine and dishsoap or apple cider vinegar and dishsoap in the bottom. Make a paper funnel with a hole in the bottom and tape the funnel inside the cup, securing it with masking tape. Flies go in but they can't get out. Squish the ones you see crawling around in there because they WILL reproduce.

#3: Two ways to catch a good number of them are: soapy hands - they get stuck in the suds as you wave your hands through them. And the vaccuum cleaner.

If you have any others, please leave them in the comments - I'm willing to learn more!

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