Wednesday, August 12, 2009

birthday party happiness

The birthday party was a success. It went off fantastically, and everyone both had a good time AND enjoyed the food. My son had a great day, he got lots of amazing gifts, and almost all of his friends got to be there - he was delighted.

We decorated the common house dining room with Tibetan prayer flags, and just as we'd put up the ones we had, a neighbour came in and offered hers as well, so we had a great amount of them. It was lovely! We did blow up some balloons, because the kids just have so much fun with them - our one eco-blunder.

I had two crafts, and most of the kids did both - making their own party hats AND making decorated jars to hold whatever they liked. I loved seeing all of the different interpretations of how to decorate those jars - such creativity!

The wonderful thing about having parties in our cohousing's common house is having the playroom right next door to the dining room - whenever we'd be between activities, the kids would naturally go into the playroom and have a great time. When we were ready for the next thing, we'd simply call them in, and everyone would come running happily - singing 'Happy Birthday'! Opening presents!

Everyone LOVED the mini cupcakes AND the watermelon cake! I got a bazillion compliments and suggestions of opening a business. I got one request to do the food for our little friend's birthday, because his Mama says, "I do practical, you do presentation. I need someone who does presentation to do his cake." I am honoured by it all.

The nice thing, too, about serving only fruit and nothing with refined sugar or wheat is that even though all the kids are fueled up by healthy food, there are no crazy sugar rushes, and everyone gets along. It is amazing seeing the difference. AMAZING. The kids were all playing together nicely and no fights erupted. Contrast with the next night when another child (who shares the same birthday as my son) had his (regular) cake in the common house. The kids were wired and immediately after eating it, a four kid fight erupted that caused all the parents to run out to break it up. I am SO glad that I've taken refined sugars out of my sweet boy's diet - I really AM seeing a difference.

What a wonderful day - I can truly say that Sunday was for Kiernen (and us) a day TRULY lived to its very fullest. Bliss.