Tuesday, February 23, 2010

all the news is good

It looks very good for me keeping bees at lour local organic farm!!! Woot! I loved reconnecting with the guys there and meeting some of the other folks involved with the farm. It is such a great place, and the energy there is - it's EARTH. I mesh well with it, I believe.

Today I got some seeds sorted out - I borrowed some from a neighbour and inventoried them - I still need to put them in little packets with instructions for myself. I made some pie, my green juice, Kiernen's breakfast, did the dishes. And just now I got the chequebook balanced. And can I say? I love the feeling of paying the balance on our credit card every month. It's a good thing.

We got the bar to hang my Vertical Herb and Veggie Garden - the hubby just needs to cut it to size tonight, and then tomorrow I can FINALLY get my seeds in there - woohoo! I'm ready to get my seedlings going inside, too - it's time to get celery and peas and parsley and tomatoes going indoors. I'm so keen! Garden!

This weekend instead of hubby building my hives, he is going to be reassembling the garden - we're taking apart the entire back garden and redoing it into long rows - to maximize the efficiency of the space and allow for much much more food production - woohoo! Then on Sunday I'm attending the first in a series of nonviolent communication courses done between our community and our organic farm - giving me even more opportunity to get to know my farm community. So exciting!

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