Sunday, February 21, 2010

all of my insides

I feel so accomplished! This morning, I:

~ made mayonnaise
~ made my veggie juice
~ made a green smoothie
~ made ketchup
~ made stock
~ got everything together in the crock pot for tonight's dinner
~ made ceviche
~ steamed butternut squash and then put it together for pie
~ steamed cauliflower and then made cauliflower salad (think 'potato salad')
~ heated up some stock for Kiernen and me to drink
~ did all of the dishes
~ started some more sprouts
~ cleaned the kitchen
~ printed out my proposal for keeping bees at my local organic farm to take to the meeting there today

Whew! Later I'll make the stock into beet soup as per Kiernen's request. We'll also have the ceviche later (it's made with oysters and crab meat).

My friend who owns the local organic food delivery brought me over a CASE of buttercup and acorn squash that needs to be used - wahoo! I also got two cases of mangoes from him yesterday, so it's a good time for lots of smoothies...

Which, by the way, because of my messed up digestion lately (lack of sleep plus stress plus too much watching of "Big Love" (I recently started watching it and am almost caught up to where it is now) has really messed me up and made me unable to digest anything)...okay. So because of my messed up digestion, I'm taking it easy on myself and having mostly liquids today and for however long. I'm also going to start taking digestive enzymes, in addition to my CLO and vitamin C. And I think adding more fermented foods isn't a bad idea, either.

I'm about to go to a meeting at my local organic farm to "create relationship" - so they can get to know me a little better, and so they might be convinced to allow me to keep my hives there alongside Tricia's.  I leave in just 15 minutes! Gotta go get myself ready.

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