Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet your newest beekeeper

Have I mentioned that I'm going to be keeping bees this year? Because I am. In fact, I threw my hat over the fence and ordered my bees before I even have my hives made. I trust that the Universe will provide me a space for my bees. The Universe loves bees, it wouldn't leave them out. They are the pollinators! Without the bees, we have no food, no flowers, no life!

I cannot wait to be a real live beekeeper. My dear wonderful handy loving husband is making my hives for me. Making them! I'm going to be using Warre hives - they're designed for natural beekeeping and with the bee in mind.  I found detailed instructions and WAY more at this wonderful blog, The Bee Space. I'll most likely (Universe? Please?) be keeping my bees on a wonderful local organic farm not too far from here - it's where I often buy my local produce, and a few of my cohousing neighbours own shares there.And then the produce I but from them? Will have been pollinated by MY bees! This is a happy substitute for having my very own land to grow my very own food on and keep my very own bees on. Bees!

I very much wish we could keep bees on our property here, but unless we go rogue and do it on the sly, we cannot. Of course, it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility, as long as no one finds out...and the whole gardening team would for thought.

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