Thursday, March 18, 2010

dem bones, dem bones

Yep, the ankle is broken. I managed to creak of the end of the tibula, SNAP!

I was walking along the path from the trampoline to the building in which I live, and right when I got to the end of the path I had a bit more spring in my step. When I came down on my foot, it rolled under and I felt the SNAP as I went down. I knew it was broken, and I called for my hubby  (still at the trampoline) to take me to the hospital. Immediately around me were my wonderful neighbours - MG, who brought me water when all the blood left my body and went to my ankle; V, who came with ice and ace bandages and bandaged my ankle; V and N bringing me homeopathics; N bringing  blankets and a van; K, N, my hubby and H lifting me into the van; M and E accompanying us to the hospital so E could keep Kiernen calm and M could take me home if my hubby needed to take Kiernen home. And that was just last night.

And wow, what an amazing place to be hurt. I imagine I'll heal so fast with all of this love and support!

Then today HL brought food over - the most amazing beef stew I've ever tasted - and then all these offers left and right from neighbours to cook us food or run errands or even pick up the elusive wheelchair...WOW. I have SO much appreciation for this community!!!

I'm not allowed to put any pressure on it for 10 days, then I go get a second x-ray in ten days and we'll see. I THINK that at some point I'll be able to walk on it in the boot, but right now I'm staying off of it. We're currently looking for a wheelchair that can have my LEFT leg elevated, and oddly, every place we've called or gone to today has had only RIGHT-side ones.

Tomorrow we'll call some more places. We still haven't managed to reach the red cross, so that might be an option.

 I feel strongly that I will heal quickly - N has me on a supplemental regimen that worked for him - plus our diet is for stengthening bones, so I bet I heal in record time.Also of note, Louise Hay says of ankles: "Inflexibility and guilt. Ankles represent the ability to receive pleasure." The affirmation for it is: "I deserve to rejoice in life. I accept all the pleasure life has to offer."

Interestingly, I must be blind to my own life, because I am just not sure where this applies. And so I will also be contemplating and using EFT on this, as well.

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