Sunday, March 21, 2010

as the ankle heals

Well, you'd think that being laid up with a broken ankle would give me plenty of time to update, but somehow it is not so. Why? Because I have a wheelchair, and as such, am fairly ambulatory. I can roll over to my neighbours' house, or to the common house (with help down the ramp and through the doors). Because I am in pain and have to keep my ankle elevated and immobile, however, everything I do is much much slower than it used to be. So each little task takes a long long time. So taking a shower + resting and elevating my ankle on the sofa + meals + a bit of internet = a day. And then it's time to go to bed.

But! Today after we had brunch with our neighbours in the common house, I got to do some real socializing - that was really nice, since my socializing has been confined to my house and my direct next door neighbours' house since "that fateful evening". And after socializing, I actually puttered (wheeled) my way around my kitchen (which mind you, is not much bigger than my wheelchair, and I have gotten stuck in there more than once in the chair - something like this).

Where was I? Oh, right - in the kitchen. So today I was able to out together a pot of stock, get a chicken cooking in the crockpot (seasoned and with beets), and roast some more beets in the oven. This is big, believe me - I am so proud of myself!

I'm becoming pretty adept at this whole wheelchair/crutches thing. I cannot spend too much time on the crutches on account of my leg not being strong enough to hold my weight without the BURNING sensation after a few minutes. But they're awesome for getting myself to the bathroom quickly. And that is a good thing. I rather like the wheelchair, too - it's pretty comfortable and I can get myself anywhere. As long as someone is willing to be my driver, hefting the wheelchair in and out of the car and open doors for me, I can even go OUT of the house at some point with this bad boy.

Neighbours continue to be helpful and check in on me, and I continue to completely appreciate where I live. My garden is being a bit neglected, but we'll get to it. My seedlings are growing nicely. My hives are being built by my hubby. We are clothed, we are fed, we have friends, we have clean water and we have HEALTH CARE. Life is good.

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