Sunday, March 21, 2010

preparing for the arrival of the bees

new hive (warre hive)* - Picture linked is not of my actual hive. Photos of my actual hive to follow soon. This is, however, the type of hive I intend to use.

My hubby continues to build my beehives, because the bees! They are arriving Easter Monday - woohoo! And also? I'm freaking out! Still to do on the hives between now and then is:

~ get the hives completely put together
~ get raw linseed oil, cedar shavings and thin strips for the top bars of the hive box
~ coat the outside of the hives with raw linseed oil (and paint pretty designs to denote the different hives)
~ allow linseed oil/paint to dry
~ coat the top bars with a beeswax starter strip (to encourage the bees to build the combs in frames)
~ install the hives
~ pick up honey and formic acid evaporator from Fred
~ order non-irradiated bee pollen from Sasketchewan

The honey and pollen are both for human consumption and for mixing together to feed the bees when I get them. I've watched several videos on YouTube about how to install the package of bees, so I feel pretty good about doing that when I get the bees. It is advised to do it in the last hour of the day, so I'll do it when my hubby gets home from work - that way he can help me with any lifting that might be needed, too.

All the wood is cut for the hives but one piece (there was a knot in the original board for this piece, oops). Once it's cut, it is ready to be assembled.  So: close! Tomorrow we order our pollen, and Thursday we go get honey and formic acid evaporators. In the meanwhile, my job is to call around for cedar shavings and top bar strips. And! Once the hives are together, I can get those linseed oil protected. Progress is being made, progress is being made...


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