Friday, April 9, 2010

so what about the bees? part 2

The next night after work, Hubby met Mike (the expert beekeeper) out at the hives. Their visit lasted a total of ten minutes tops. Mike peeked in the "dead" hive and said to leave it be for two weeks. He said it might come back, but to give it space and see what happens. He barely peeked into the second hive, and said, "This one's fine."

He recommended tar paper for the outside of the hives for insulation, as the weather here has been unseasonably cold.* He said they had enough food in both hives, he said leave them alone for two weeks. They need to build comb, the queen needs to lay - just leave them alone.

* - In fact, today and a couple of days ago we've had severe winds, which is also not normal for this area - today it was downright frigid outside. WTF, global warming? We NEED spring! My bees need it! Bring it back! Gaia, we need spring!

Tonight Hubby went back and put on the tar paper. He said when he put his ear to the hives, he heard the happy humming sound of BEES. He didn't look in, he just put on the tar paper and left.

And now we wait. The good thing about this is in two weeks, I ought to be walking with my walking cast and out of the wheelchair! So I have that to look forward to. And if I can walk, then dag nabit, there WILL be photos.

"I deserve to rejoice in life. I accept all the pleasure life has to offer."

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