Monday, April 12, 2010

bullet points

~ Life has seemingly leveled out lately. The rush to get the bees hived is over, and now we're just leaving the bees alone. he weather has changed (I hope for good) into spring again, with warm breezes and lots of sunshine.

~ We have seedlings to think of now - tomatoes, cabbage, celery, and I've already forgotten what else. Since I cannot get to the garden in my wheelchair, I've no idea if our peas made it or not. Hopefully we'll be able to work on getting those planted this week.

~ The photo above is of Kiernen's Easter Basket. Can you see the chocolate rabbit? I MADE that. Yeah, I pretty much rock. It's got no sugar, is only made of stuff Kiernen is allowed to have. It was totally easy to make, too. Since we don't do sugar, Kiernen gets lots of little toys. Which of course he prefers anyway!

~ The house hasn't been vaccuumed since I broke my ankle. Hubby has just been too busy to do it. He almost did it yesterday. Maybe tonight? Tomorrow?

~ My body cannot handle even raw cow milk. Sigh. I don't think Kiernen's can, either. I gave us some yesterday in our tea - so not even that much - and we were both gurgling about it. Kiernen had leg pains last night, too - they wake him up - and he hasn't had those in a long long time. Luckily, we can kefir it and it becomes tolerable to us.

~ I made a new batch of saurkraut yesterday. I ran out right around the time I broke my ankle and haven't been able to make it again until now.

~ I have a friend here from St. Louis that I haven't seen in years. He and his wife, whom I haven't met, are having dinner with us tonight. I'm excited to show another friend our cohousing community and just to see familiar faces from "back home".

~ Kiernen keeps asking when we can go to St. Louis again. He misses his family there so much. Sometimes living away from family (and longtime friends) is crazy hard.

~ My ankle continues to heal. I have hope that within the week I will be able to put weight on it and try walking around a bit. This likely means I'll have to get better with the crutches now.

~ I'm kind of having fun with the wheelchair. It's super fun to roll down our ramps in the atria. Kiernen likes to "ride the Mommy ride" (sit on my lap while someone pushes the chair). I always have a very comfortable chair to sit in.

~ This weekend I got to drive one of those scooters around the grocery store. It was pretty fun. If you've got a broken ankle, might as well get some benefit from it, right?

~ This weekend I had a couple of pretty emotionally intense conversations with some neighbours/friends. They both turned out really well and ended up in clearer understanding on the part of all parties. We used some of what we've been learning in our non-violent communication course, and it shifted the whole conversation. I really saw how I was able to hear the other person, even in the midst of a charged situation - when we used reflective listening. Wow.

~ I am so ready to be walking again! I want to be able to drive my car and take Kiernen places: parks, train rides, the store, to see the bees...I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready!!!

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