Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sugar..ah honey honey

I've been becoming more aware lately of something that I've suspected for a long time. I have this thought that my body would be better off with no fruit at all - just meat and fat and vegetables. But it is something I don't want to know...because if I absolutely knew it, I'd have to give up fruit. And I am...well, I am addicted to fruit. Well, to sugar - to that sweetness. What I do notice is that when I allow myself to have more than one serving (or maybe two) a day, it creates the craving. The craving happens mostly after meals, but can sneak in when I'm hungry in between meals, as well.

I have every intention of getting a complete metabolic profile, hormone levels, and complete thyroid panel done when I next go to my local doctor - to see where I stand. I'm imagining I'll need a referral to a specialist once I've gotten the requisition for the tests written, but I'll finally have some numbers to look at...and then possibly some results to go on. I've been putting it off for so long now, for no particular reason.

What I've noticed in these past few months is that I've leveled out for the most part. What I mean by that is when I eat, I'm satisfied with the portion that my body requires. It's been...I cannot even remember the last time I overate, nor could I really imagine doing it anymore. I've noticed that more and more I eat portions and in frequencies that satisfy my body's needs rather than some craving. My natural rhythm right now is: a smoothie every morning, then around lunchtime, I'll want a really big salad with some protein. Later around three or four, I'll want a snack - maybe some fat/protein combo. Then for dinner I only want light food - not much, and nothing heavy. Sometimes I don't bother with dinner at all, instead just having another snack. And then I'm done for the day. All around 8PM at the latest.

This isn't something I tried to do, wither - this just happened with my way of eating. It's pretty cool, really. And. Inside of this, I do notice that if I allow myself "too many" sweet things,  it throws my body out of balance and brings in cravings.

My solution for now is to just have 1-2 servings of fruit/sweets per day - my green smoothie in the morning, then something later maybe. We shall see how this works for me, and if I really need to cut out more. I'm also trying to wean myself from honey in my tea, which I love love love, too. I've noticed that when I began doing this the other day, I started drinking more water and less tea. Heh.

Interestingly, as I was thinking about posting about this and have been thinking about how this all applies to my body, Bunny Berry posted about the very same thing on her blog. Great minds?  I love synchronicity, and it seems that there has been much of it in my world lately.

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