Friday, May 28, 2010

got food cravings?

Ever have cravings for certain foods? Or certain kinds of foods? Or even non foods?

I've been having some cravings lately - specifically for sweets. And one thing I notice is that if I give in to that craving and eat more sweets than usual, my body goes all out of balance. I feel it emotionally as well as physically. My body sends a very specific message: "Don't DO that!"

It turns out that when we crave what we think are specific foods, often we aren't craving those foods at all. Often, we're craving foods that we think meet those needs, but in fact, the craving will be completely satisfied if we just give our bodies what they really need. And just what do our bodies need? Vitamins, minerals, and nutrition! There is a handy chart online letting us know just what foods our bodies are really asking for when we think we want sweets. I've found two versions, depending on your preferences (they both say exactly the same thing). The first, and I believe the original, is here. The second, pdf version, is here. I printed this out to tape to my cabinets, because I need the visual reference close at hand.

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  1. Fascinating. I often crave tobacco (even though I never smoked!?) so seeing what I *really* crave on that list is helpful. Thanks!


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