Thursday, May 27, 2010

the garden, the bees, cinnamon bun muffins and chemtrails

Summer  = blog neglect, no? I give you some random updates:

~ The garden is growing. I'm learning more abut plant nutrition and the great importance of feeding the soil so it will feed you. Nutrients are crucial! Kiernen has been graciously donating his pee to feed our tomato plants, and they have NEVER been so happy!

~ The bees...we haven't seen them in a couple of weeks. The landowner went out of town for two weeks, during which the gate was locked and we were unable to visit. Then it's just been intermittently rainy and cloudy, and I don't want to do anything to the hives to make them upset - like opening them in cooler weather, letting out nest scent or heat. I keep waiting for the sun to be out when we need it to be. My plan is to treat with formic acid (or nothing), and I'm not sure. Smaller bees, as we will have having a Warre hive, tend to resist mites. Perhaps I ought to do a mite check before doing a formic acid treatment?

~ I've made these cupcakes twice in the past week. (I use butter instead of grapeseed oil and honey instead of agave, and usually less of it).

The first time I had leftover icing, so what's a girl to do but bake another batch, right? These are so good I cannot even bring myself to share these with friends - I want to eat them all myself. It is all I can do to share them with my awesome husband. Kiernen and I would both easily sit down and each eat half of this batch in a sitting. Possibly all, although realistically, that's way too much sweet for either of our bodies.

The flour to make these is crazy expensive, but you won't even care - they're that good. If you're grain-free, MAKE these. Or don't, depending on your level of self control. And trust me on this one: do them WITH the frosting. Almost painfully delicious. I thought chocolate was my downfall. Apparently I was wrong: it's cinnamon. Goddess bless Elana for her freaking amazing recipes.

~ I wish summer would just decide to be here already. Its sunny, then it rains, then it's sunny, then it rains, sometimes both at the same time. We just want the sun! Dear "military": Stop flying planes over us and dumping chemicals (Titanium,Aluminum, Barium, Magnesium, Calcium)! Just leave the clear skies alone already! WTF! (Want to know what I'm talking about? Here is an introduction to chemtrails. Want to make yourself crazy? Google 'chemtrails' and watch some of the videos. But not too many. I believe it's good to be informed, and not to dwell. Keep finding ways to feel good, most importantly.)

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