Thursday, June 9, 2011

my very first self-created purse and a tutorial

I tend to vacillate between using purses and using backpacks as my means of carrying necessary objects about. It has been a long long time since I've used a purse - having a baby and then a toddler necessitated my having lots of stuff with my, including food and other items, so it has been backpack as choice for many years now.

Well, now my son is older and recently I cut my hair short - so short that I was feeling rather unfeminine - and having an army green backpack only compounded that feeling. So in addition to my return to wearing necklaces, I've also returned to carrying a purse. And of course I wanted a particular kind of purse, and spend four days solid scouring the internet for just such a purse.Only how can you search for a particular thing when you have no idea what it's called? My lack of knowledge in this area is pretty apparent.

I was about to give up and make what would have been my second choice when I finally found this tutorial on craftster. I only changed it a wee bit, adding the strap that encircled the whole bag, making it wider all around. I am so proud of myself for this one - I made my very first bag!

See, here is the side:

 And this is the back pocket:
And the front zippered pocket: 
 The top (I only wish I'd had another brown zipper, I really prefer the brown here):
The bottom:
And my hand in the photo for scale:

By the way, this is called an across the shoulder hipster bag, if anyone else is curious and like me, had no idea. It all makes sense now that I know.

I've been wearing it out for a couple of weeks now and I have to say, I'm quite happy with it. It suits me well, it fits everything I need, and it is comfortable to wear and use. Also? It's gotten a few compliments, too! My favourite was the girl who was in utter disbelief that I'd made it myself. I love her!

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