Saturday, June 11, 2011

with purse comes wallet

The one thing I discovered after making my purse is that my giant carryall wallet was REALLY heavy to carry in it, and I really didn't need all that wallet, anyway. Again, I set about seeking a way to make one out of the leftover fabric I had from the purse - and there was plenty!

I do have to say on my behalf, sometimes I am infuriatingly ambitious. Sometimes it's sort of cute how I think I can do things way beyond my skill level, and sometimes, like when I am actually attempting to do said task, it is infuriating and crushing. I won't lie - this is probably beyond my skill level, even though in the end, I did manage to pull it off. Not without tears and cursing and real bleeding, mind you - but in the end, I did complete the wallet, and even though it's so so imperfect, I'm pretty happy with it . I did go through three zippers trying to make it happen, though.

The back pocket:

 Inside: Zippered change pouch, cash pocket, card pockets.

 View of cash pocket (then holding cheques):

 Change and a spare car key.

 A little hiding space for my aromatherapy bottle:

And a close-up of the zipper. 

If I were to do this again - in the distant future - I would make the corners MUCH more rounded, which would allow for much easier opening of said zipper. I took lining up my zipper to the extreme and ended up with these square corners - which are not easy to unzip. However, because I know the trick, I CAN do it, so not all is lost. It really is quite functional and I'm pleased with it because this is the hardest thing I've sewn yet aside from the jacket of my husband's Halloween costume last year. The fact that I was able to finish it is a testament to my ability to persevere, and also to my stubbornness.

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