Friday, August 19, 2011

the move preparation continues

I was reminded the other day that I have an account at, so I perused it and figured I'd link it here.  Honestly I'm surprised that website still exists with flickr and picasa and other such mediums about. But there you go, my life when we lived in Washington...nice taking that little walk down memory lane when I'm of course supposed to be packing and/or backing up files on my computer in preparation for the move.

A little tip about moving: back up all of your files and especially important things (for me that means photos and video) on your computer before you move. Just in case. In our case, we have not only DVD backup, but also an external hard drive to backup to. Just in case.

Also, because we're crossing a border, we're keeping an inventory of everything we pack, including values. I've got myself a spreadsheet going that I continually update as we go. We're currently up to Item # 136 and counting: there are at lease 5 incomplete boxes in the living room waiting for last minute items to be put in (videos, video games, toys, etc) and I haven't even touched the kitchen or the bathroom yet - mostly because I ran out of boxes before I ran out of stuff.

Type of boxes that are a favourite for moving: for me, it's case paper boxes - you can get them at any place that sells paper and/or makes copies, usually for free. I love these because they're small enough that no matter what you put in them, it's not going to be too heavy to carry. These are awesome for books and other heavy items. My cousin swears by banana boxes. She loves then for the handles, the lids, and the durability. These, of course, can be gotten at grocery stores, and I'd also bet smoothie places. We've been getting boxes from all over the place this move, though - the dumpsters behind the sandwich shop, the dumpster behind the outlet store (all clean and cardboard-only), and my husband's work (he works in a hotel building doing IT, so these are mostly toilet paper boxes - but they're a good size for lighter items. Big, so too much filling can make them heavy, according to my husband. Loading the moving truck ought to be interesting, as these boxes are nothing close to uniform in size. Whee.

Moving day draws nearer - friends are calling us for last dinners and visits, and there are only 12 days left until we load the truck.

I still need to do things like close bank accounts we won't keep and pick up medical and dental records - I've been putting these off because I really don't want to do them - they aren't fun errands at all. I'm hoping to combine dental records with a visit with a friend in the same area, and vet records need to be gotten for our cat, which means we need to create some, as in take her in for a visit. She seems to be the only cat of the four we previously had to not need visits to the vet, so I was surprised to find she had zero records with them.

We sold out LCD TV to a neighbor because the warranty won't cross the border, nor will they issue a refund, but they will transfer it to a different person. That's fine by me, honestly - the TV is less than a year old and it was too big for me anyway - when we move I can choose one that is better suited to our space and is less crazymaking for me.

Items are listed and selling on Craigslist - assorted things we wanted to not give away but try to recoup some money for. We'll see. The rest we'll donate to charity.

We're still working on a solution for our little kitty, Frenzie being taken care of for a month while we're visiting family. Of course we could leave her here, but when we return from there, here will be a 6 hour drive from where we'll be settling, so that isn't a really desirable option. I've got feelers out for her being in OR or WA at least. We shall see.

We have renters and auto insurance lined up for when we move - yay! These things are important. And I'm told everything is covered in transit as well. Our house is looking emptier and emptier as more things go into boxes - and we're getting more excited.

Apparently all of the dust I've been kicking up coupled with the lack of sleep I've been managing for whatever reasons has given me a cough that wants to settle. I figure better now than when we're on a plane, so I'm fine with it. We have time now for me to rest a day or two and recuperate, I'm glad for that.

Moving right along.....

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