Sunday, October 30, 2011

stress and more stress

Wow, so that whole month just went by, and there was so much packed into it, yet it didn't feel like much happened.

I was sick for almost all of it. Being in his different environment that my body was not used to just took it out of me. I tried and tried and I could NOT get my system to recover, because I was in a house hat was making me really sick. And the irony is, when I'd feel so horrible, rather than getting out of the house and getting fresh air, different air, non-stale air that was making me ill, I would just want to rest. And the only place I could rest was the place that was making me sick. So then I'd get sicker.

There was a point where I thought my cold was starting to abate, and then all of a sudden the next day I had this wheezing, couldn't-catch-my-breath cough. It came into me and settled in my lungs and did not seem to want to leave. And it was exacerbated by...this house. There is a ton of dust here - not my dust - other people's dust which I am not used to. There are some really powerful pet odor smells - both from the furniture and the liter boxes, and I am really sensitive to smells. And then, there is the mold. Because we are in a wet climate and there are lots of trees around and whatever else makes mold happen...I can smell it, and i gets into m lungs and is causing me to cough. Actually, it is getting into my lungs, causing asthma, and that is causing me to cough.

At one point when I thought that I might need to take my own life from the congestion and coughing, I called Sophya, my NAET practitioner, acupuncturist, doctor of TCM. I told her what was happening, told her that I wasn't getting better, only worse, and she did an energy balancing on me and sent me some chinese herbs and homeopathic medicine to take. I went to sleep that night, and the next day I woke up and felt significantly, noticably better. My whole body felt different, like there had been this huge shift, and all of a sudden I was able to break through the sick. Thank you, Sophya! The cough was still there, but the cold had left the building, and the cough was also lessening.

I've slept sitting up for the past two weeks to just be able to breathe at night, and for he most part of those two weeks, I'd be up doing nothing but coughing until 5-7 am, then I'd fall asleep for a few hours, then cough myself awake again. So yeah, being able to sleep through the night? An AMAZING gift.

And during all of that cold having and coughing and peeing myself because all of the coughing - oh yeah, that was the stuff....we were still looking for a place to rent. And Hubby was going on interviews. And we were doing our best to fin things to help Kiernen cope with being here and not having his stuff, and everything we own being in storage.

In conclusion, sick house + finding a place to rent in a dog eat dog rental market + finding a job + no having a space of our own or any sort of sanctuary + too much computer time = stressful month.

And it is drawing to a close. The herbs are here, I am taking them to treat my coughing/asthma. Kiernen loves the chickens here - I mean he really really loves them. Our friends are letting us stay with them while we wait for our place to be ready, and we really enjoy being with those particular friends. We did find a place, and we will be moving into it soon. Halloween is right around the corner. It is getting better.

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