Monday, March 26, 2012

Contain my Garden, the project continues

It has been slow going due to my concussive symptoms, but the container garden project is continuing. This weekend my hubby went out and bought me peat, vermiculite, and soil to mix together. I have compost and some plant food - kelp, I believe.

I started reading, Incredible Vegetables from Self-Watering Containers: Using Ed's Amazing POTS System

There are some great ideas for growing in this book, namely using self-watering containers to ensure that the veggies get all the water they need and all of the nutrition, and the grower (that's us) gets the best harvest. You can buy kits to make regular pots self-watering, or if you're like me, you can Google around and find an instructable or two. Oh, the glories of the internets, where wonderfully creative people have not only taken the time to perfect systems for recycling things like 5-gallon buckets, but have also taken the time to write instructions so the rest of us DIYers can benefit, as well.

I am currently trying to decide whether to take on beekeeping this year as we're trying to find a place to call our own - if I don't order them right now, I won't be able to get them until next year. Have I mentioned that I am impatient? I SO want bees again. But maybe it is best to wait until next year, when we are settled, and I've had some time to plant a garden for them.

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