Monday, April 21, 2014

it's coming apart - and together!

It's all becoming official. We have insurance for the RV. I am licensing it this week. The inside is torn apart - valances and blinds taken out, carpets taken out, smaller sofa taken out - so the floors can be done and painting can happen. Right now it looks like this inside:

I am trying hard to convince my husband that he wants to tear out that tile and replace the whole floor with hardwood, but he seems unconvinced. I told him we can even pay someone else to do it...there are some journeymen on Craigslist needing work that could probably do it easily. I just think that tile looks so ugly and boring, and hardwood everywhere would be so shiny.

It took a great deal of work getting that carpet up - two full days of the weekend! What a pain for my poor husband, doing it all himself. When an RV is built, it's from the ground first they build the shell, then put in the flooring and wallpaper, then add cabinets, dashboard, etc. So the carpeting is all underneath everything, and in some places, impossible to get out. This is part of why I think he ought to pay someone - so much to do to get the house and the RV ready, and all at the same time - let's find relief where we can get it!

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