Saturday, April 26, 2014

registering the RV - and driving it for the first time

Here was a fun day - we went to register the RV the other day only to be told that we needed to have the actual RV present so they could compare the VIN numbers. Oh!

When we bought the Rv, the previous owners delivered it to our house - we had actually never driven it before today. I guess it was time to learn!

We had to get it out of this spot and through the gate into our driveway. You can't see it from our photo, but the gate is parallel to the way the RV is facing, about 50' in front of it. Which meant we needed to turn the RV.

* I also need to say lest we look all kinds of wealthy, this is the first time in ever we've owned three vehicles. Ever. But the red one is on its way out because it's actually done - it has a blown head gasket, which is why we even bought the second little white car. The great thing about driving a car that is 18 years old is that even the cheapest 2013 car will be a huge upgrade in comparison. And we DID buy the cheapest 2013 car to replace it. We still don't have power windows or locks. But we DO have intermittent wipers! Which make us ever so happy. And way better traction in the rain. And a larger trunk. And the dealer's warranty, which is a first for us. So: upgrade!

And the RV isn't so much a vehicle as a home on wheels. So really, we still only have one car, despite what your eyes might be telling you from seeing this photo. I don't know why I felt the need to explain all that, but there it is.

We got this far and had to stop and reassess our plan. In this photo, the gate would be to the right of the RV, still parallel, and about 50' away, give or take.

We got it angled only slightly more away from the gate. We're still learning!

This took an inordinate amount of time - like more than 20 minutes, but it's finally pointed toward the gate! After this we still had to back up and angle a few more times to get it lined up exactly with the gate opening, so we wouldn't crush our irises outside the gate.

Success! We made it to the DMV parking lot! And by we, I mean my husband drove it while my son and I followed in the car - since the sofas are both ripped out, there aren't actually three seats in the RV right now, and he wanted us to follow in case something happened. Luckily the DMV is only 10 minutes drive from our house.

We're legal, and it's officially in our name once the title comes in the mail. One step closer to final!

Still to come: painting the walls and laying the wood floors. We still need to procure both this weekend.


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