Friday, April 18, 2014

The Rig Before

The bedroom, before we bought the rig. They took the mattress, so we need to get a new one - so all we need to do is find an affordable organic comfortable mattress that fits an RV queen. Easy peasy, right???

That sliding mirrored closet is fairly deep, and will be made into cubbies/private bunk space for K.

I like the little drawers by the bed. Now, do we take them out to make room for a king, or leave them and settle for the queen?

At the foot of the bed on the left. Double cabinets with a TV cubby on top. there is currently a TV inside the cubby, but not for long. We don't need a TV or any electronics where we sleep, except my CPAP and white noise machine. 

The drawers nest to the big closet. On the right of the foot of the bed. 

Window above the head of the bed. I will make this pretty. And also, block out the light.

Laundry cabinet, with washer/dryer combo inside. 

Bathroom kind of opens into the bedroom. I rather like this, actually, it gives it a more open feel. There is a mirrored door that closes - an actual door - between the bathroom and the front of the rig. 

The shower.

A view of the whole kitchen. We'll be taking out that microwave and adding a shelf for our toaster oven instead, along with a vent. A dishwasher below he sink? We'll see. Don't plan on needing the stove, so we might sell it. 

Next, we begin renovations....

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