Wednesday, April 16, 2014

this is really happening

We did it. A few weeks ago after scouring Craigslist for months, I spotted this one. we were almost too busy to go look at it, but then we did, and as soon as I walked in, I said, "Yep. Okay, this is it."

I hardly looked at it. I saw the floorplan - it had all the things we were looking for, save for one, which wasn't a dealbreaker item. Lots of closets in the bedroom, lots of storage and counter space in the kitchen, two sofas, LOTS of basement storage. Door in the front, which allows for two sofas (which was important to my husband). It also has real cherry wood cabinets, which almost no RVs in our price range have - real wood? Most of them are particle board. Real wood!

We got an amazing deal on it because the couple who were selling it just wanted to pass it along so they could go on to the next phase of their lives, in Alaska. The tires are very recent, they had the generator serviced per our request, and it has two slides and plenty of space.

Every time I walk out my door and see it in the side driveway of our house, I think, "Is that real? Did we really buy it?" I'm kind of amazed and maybe still in shock. Still, we're getting right on redoing the interior, decorating, making it our own. And there will be photos! And a name! We have to come up with a name for her. I thought "Destination Unknown" but that's more of a blog name than a rig name, right? That's the name of our trip!

First we paint, then redo the floors, then compost toilet and solar added to make her road-ready. And a name! She must to have a name!

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