Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Arc Arcade in Astoria, OR

While we were at the conference we decided to check out an arcade we'd passed on the way to the hotel. It had some cool stuff in the window, and someone had posted a photo of a tardis on the conference website, saying it was at the arcade. We had to go!
It seems to be owned by a group of young gamers, who have a passion for the games of my husband's childhood. And my son's. 

In addition to games for just quarters and sometimes even for free, they also sell comic books, ice cream, nachos, italian sodas, candy and other junk food stuffs - the stuff gamers tend to like! There is comfy seating around the gaming stations, and some booths for eating, too. 

Comfy seats for the big screens.

I haven't seen this giddy a look on my husband's face in...I don't even know when. Like a kid in a candy store, or a father reliving his gaming childhood....with his son. 

There were a couple of TVs on the wall playing cartoon shows. I took this photo for the frame, not the TV. Old skool!

So many cool retro arcade games! All the classics!

Not just one, but several of the machines said this. 

Passing the torch to the younger generation. What a happy Daddy!

This was for ME. The only doctor I ever WANT to see.

There was this Valentines' display in the window outside. 

Pretty silly. I like it.

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